Recent Work

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Remote Check-in (2021)

An attendance app made for employees who are working offsite or onsite. Inspired during the COVID-19 lockdown. Available on both iOS and Android.

AR Listing 2 (2022)

A Python application which downloads and extracts PDF reports from Brunei Post then present it on a intuitive web interface for a smoother user experience.

BruHealthy 3.0 (2022)

Recreating BruHealth UI as part of my personal challenge to try and replicate the app's UI using Flutter. Obviously the fun part was increasing the vaccine dose LOL.

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DX Radio - Brunei Radio (2023)

My goal was to make an app with Banner Ads on using Google Admob via the Flutter framework. I like listening to radio, so why not make a radio app, this was one of my goals in 2023.

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Dream Usage Logger (2023)

For Subscribers of imagine (Internet Service Provider) on Dream broadband plans. Issue: there is no way to track bandwidth data usage across time in a month, except via web portal, which only returns usage at current time - no logs. The Dream Usage Logger app gets bandwidth logged periodically over time.